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JD and Brittany Inman / Broker Owners

JD grew up in Franklin around real estate. His mom Nancy got him involved early in the process by recruiting him to help her flip property in the 1980's. Together, they founded Inman Realty Group in 2005 which grew over the years to over forty agents and two offices. Emerging from the market crash in 2006 and 2007, Inman Realty had mostly transitioned to property management with a small roster of sales agents.


Over the years, JD has negotiated hundreds of residential, commercial and land development deals and has also done everything from paint and carpet flips to total home renovations. 


Today, Inman Realty Group is as "mom and pop" as it gets. JD and Brittany work by referral only to family and friends looking to buy or sell real estate. They also manage a large portfolio of investment property in the greater Nashville and Brentwood/Franklin areas.

JD and Brittany are the parents of three beautiful children, Harley, Ruby and Lily.

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